LATEC Digital Alarm Clock (Silver) (ID: 06-5011)

Large LED Display: This Digital Alarm Clock features a 5.6inch large LED mirror display, making it easy to read; One of the best alarm clocks for bedrooms due to its simplicity, this premium digital clock is something you’ll enjoy waking up to every morning;

USB Powered and Built-in Backup Battery: This Bedside Clock includes a charging USB cable our smart clock for your convenience for powering, A built-in button battery for saving your clock-settings in case of power outages; Time display support both 12hrs and 24 hrs format;

Dual Alarms with Snooze: Dual alarms make it possible to set two separate wake-up times. Snooze time can be set, do not need manually to turn off the alarm clock. Wake you at different times, make your life easy and more convenient;

Adjustable Brightness: 4 Levels Adjustable Brightness. LED Large Digital Display, Clear and Comfortable Visual Sense, it will auto dim during 10:00pm-6:00am. When plugged with USB cable, the LED light will be on always. By pressing the button of “SNOOZELIGHT” the display can keep lighting for 5 seconds;

Stylish and Simple Design: Size:14.5×6.5×3.2 CM (5.7×2.56×1.26Inch), Stylish and simple mini mirror alarm clock can decorate your bedroom, living room, but also can be used as a mirror when needed. LATEC offers lifetime warranty.




Comfortable Wake-up Ringtone
Gentle wakeup alarm starts out softly and gets progressively louder until you turn it off. It will last 5 minutes. No need to choose between a harsh alarm that blasts you out of bed, or a too-soft alarm that lulls you back to sleep.

Temperature Switch Display
You can switch to display °C (Fahrenheit) or °F (Celsius) temperature via UP button.

Different Alarm Volume
The sound of alarm can be set from 30-90 DP. Needless to worry the alarm sound, either too loud thus frightening you or too low to wake you up from deep sleeping. One simple ON/OFF button allows you to disable the alarm on weekend.

Dual Alarms with Snooze
The dual alarms make it easy to set two separate wake-up times. Wake you up at different times, make your life more convenient.


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