LATEC Twin Bell Alarm Clock (Green) (ID: 06-5007)

Stereoscopic dial: 4″ neat dial with stereoscopic numbers instead of printed cardboard found in common market. Plus with the white hour and minute hands with perfect accuracy offer an awesome clearly legible look;

Loud alarm: Perfect for people who are heavy sleepers, mild loss hearing even deaf. No snooze button, good wake up clock for people who has trouble waking up. Easy operation with only two buttons for setting the time and alarm time;

Noiseless: high quality smooth sweep movement, silent sweep second hand, silent, no annoying ticking, the creeping second hand creates a quiet sleeping and working environment;

Classic retro design: Vintage twin bell alarm clock, retro style takes you back to 80’s, beautiful look, really high quality workmanship and he always runs precisely. With high-quality quartz drive, running is always precise;

Night light: hold the light button, time will be clearly visible at night. The soft backlight helps you to read the time in the dark. LATEC offer lifetime warranty.




This alarm clock adopts over-sized double bell design, the ringtone is crisp and loud.
No Snooze, Perfect for Waking Heavy Sleepers.

· Alarm starts loud driving you get us right away out of the bed.
· Super loud alarm stays in crazy bell till the ON/OFF switch is turned off.
· Perfect for waking the dead, heavy sleepers, hard of hearing, hearing impaired and loss.
· Manual-light illuminated dial glows evenly across the entire dial for night time viewing, soft, energy-saving.
· Quiet sweep movement offers a second hand that moves in a continuous motion around the dial with NO TICKING, doesn’t tick for restless sleepers.
· Operates on 1 AA battery (NOT INCLUDED), Ease of use.
· Simple and functional.


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